Turbans and Twerking

I, like most everyone in this country, love True Blood. I’ve had an infatuation with vampire books, shows and movies since waaay before they were cool. I was a strange child. A show like  True Blood  was right up my alley. Even though I think Sookie is a fool for wanting anything to do with Bill and not jumping on the Eric train. Or the Alcide Express. Sorry, I got distracted, I dig this show. And without a doubt, Lafayette is my hero. I aspire to be him when I grow up.

Simply flawless.

His makeup game, is always on point. He has more attitude and sass than a Southern kiddie beauty queen. And his turbans!?! They make me want to be a better person. And strive to wear turbans myself.

Don’t judge, it’s my first attempt.

This past season of True Blood just did not give me enough of my LaLa. But the season finale? It gave me what I needed.

Get it!

Another superb turban, margaritas, and body rolling. Thank you, LaLa. Til we meet again.


Worst Advise Ever? Or the Best?

It’s as if this mysterious bathroom prophet, is reaching back through time and speaking directly to 22-year old me. She would have seen this as a sign from the gods.

32-year old me realized that I was drunk and he was hot. But is it still a bad decision when you live with him?

I Wanna Cookie

At the beginning of July, I decide to make a change in my life. I’d start working out more, go to yoga, attempt the goals I’d never reached before. And I’d start eating healthy.

It wasn’t about losing weight. It was about being healthier. Hopefully it would change some of the issues I’ve been having, the sleeplessness, the fatigue, and the eruption of blemishes across my face. And if it got me back into my skinny jeans, bonus. I’ve always had a ridiculous sweet tooth. Cookies, chocolate, and cupcakes. Trying not to eat sweets is a real struggle for me.

That’s why seeing this at work every day is killing me.


Cookies, sandwich crackers, candy bars, candy, and salted nuts. I just want to dive head first into the cabinet. My boyfriend (henceforth to be known as “Babe”) tells me that I shouldn’t deny myself. I can have one, moderation is key. I don’t think that he knows that before I met him I could polish off half a package of Chips Ahoy in one sitting. This box, would be child’s play.


But I’m trying to learn will power. So I look at this every day, and fight the urge.

Maybe just one won’t hurt.